About Us

3HTs™ is a collaborative project between ADS-Limathon Ltd. and Octavo Gate Ltd.

The project represents the three software systems known as Healthy Tweeting, Healthy Treating and Healthy Teaching, hence 3HTs.

ADS-Limathon have extensive experience over many years working with clinicans and pharmaceutical organisations in the monitoring of patient symptoms through trials and research into the disease known as Lupus.

Octavo Gate have substantial experience in the design, development and operational running of high volume, high stakes data collection systems.

Healthy Tweeting is provided to the general public free of charge allowing them to monitor their own health conditions and undertake self assessments helping them see how when things are improving or indeed getting worse.

Healthy Treating and Healthy Teaching are available to use freely by the general public, however health care professionals license the use of extended features, contact us for more information.