For Charities

Where are we now?

  • How can health related charities provide the tools to help sufferers monitor and manage their conditions?
  • How can a charity build a direct and meaningful relationship with those they support?
  • How can a charity educate those they support regardless of region or language?
  • How can a charity analyse the characteristics of those they support?
  • How can a charity interface with research organisation, health authorities and government?
  • How can a charity demonstrate to those they support that funding is being used specifically to assit those who need it?

Healthy Tweeting

  • Promoting Healthy Tweeting provides sufferers with a tool which they can use to monitor their own condition and build on-line relationships and learn from others who are in a similar situation.
  • Healthy Tweeting can be completely branded to the look and feel of the charity further promoting its interaction with the community it supports.

Healthy Treating

  • Healthy Treating provides charities with the ability to anonymously analyze the data of those they support.
  • Data security is maintained, however overarching views of trends and patterns can be established and may lead to collaboration with research and health care professionals to lead to better care and support.

Healthy Teaching

  • Healthy Teaching can be used by charities to help educate the general public about the conditions as well as provide more detailed on-line learning resources to individuals and communities they support.

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