For Doctors

Where are we now?

  • Doctors are usually constrained by their appointment book, their calendar, the locations they operate within and what access they have to the records they keep.
  • To see more patients they have to open longer or give less time to each patient.
  • They are under pressure to reduce waiting times and to improve a more relevant and personalised experience.
  • Those who are able to see patients privately have limited time and therefore limited earning potential.
  • Doctors are under pressure to deliver results leading often to treatments focused at easing symptoms rather than looking holistically for potentially underlying conditions.
  • Doctors can only see patterns and trends based solely on the individuals they can see.
  • Doctors are expected to also educate patients often resulting in just giving out pamphlets.

A New Approach

  • Utilising technology to better engage with patients, break down geographical limitations, increase access to more detailed data and educate the patients with the latest and relevant information.

Healthy Treating

  • Doctors use Healthy Treating to more effectively communicate and collaborate with their patients, click here to find out more about Healthy Treating.
  • Doctors can participate in “within browser” video/audio and text messaging allowing for virtual consultations to take place, so the patient does not even have to leave home to see the doctor.
  • Doctors can ‘tweet’ by proxy, on behalf of the patient allowing them to record lab results immediately and collaboratively, they are also able to upload reports and test results as digital files into the Healthy Tweeting application.
  • Doctors can monitor and analyse the tweets of the patients where access has been granted, allowing patterns and trends to be identified.
  • Doctors can analyse the self assessment and quality of life questionnaire data before the consultation takes place and decide upon the next course of action optimising the time spent.
  • Doctors can manage their studies and undertake comprehensive analysis and referrals.

Healthy Teaching

  • Doctors use Healthy Teaching to create learning materials and pull together existing resources to help educate patients about their condition etc., click here to find out more about Healthy Teaching.
  • The doctor is able to write and publish articles, recommend twitter feeds, web pages, news feeds, news articles etc.
  • The doctor is able to bring together these items into related themes and publish them either to the general public or restrict their access to their own patients (as established within Healthy Treating).
  • The doctor can also upload more structured training in the form of PowerPoint/ KeyNote slides which can be uploaded and published.
  • Additionally the platform also support structured assessment, allowing for the assessment of colleagues and peers etc.
  • Doctors can update their themes at anytime from any internet enabled device.

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