For Government

Where are we now?

  • Governments cannot quickly access information about the current condition of their populations.
  • How can a Government monitor and react to epidemics quickly enough?
  • How can a Government monitor whether health policy is having a positive impact?
  • How can a Government monitor the take up of inoculations?
  • How can a Government improve the interactions of geographically dispersed population with access to the best health care effectively?
  • How can a Government transform health care and utilise technologies and existing resources effectively and improve the overall experience?

Healthy Tweeting

  • Promoting Healthy Tweeting within your region provides access to a rich data set and improves the interaction of patients with physicians.

Healthy Treating

  • Healthy Treating provides governments with aggregate views of tweet data allowing the analysis of trends and patterns.
  • This approach can also be used to monitor outbreaks such as epidemics as well as looking a health conditions on a national and scale.

Healthy Teaching

  • Healthy Teaching can be used by Government to publish content and themes to be available to the general public, save costs on printing thousands of pamphlets, post them on-line and tag them to the conditions so patients and physicians can find and refer to them.

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