For Pharmaceuticals

Where are we now?

  • Pharmaceutical organisations are constantly looking for new and better medications to ease symptoms and cure or improve the life of people with health conditions.
  • These organisations need to monitor patients symptoms to ensure that there is a positive impact on the condition through the use of the drug.
  • The organisation can only do this currently though monitoring lab results at each patient visit and by analysing the data collected either from patient self assessments or doctor led patient assessments.
  • The pharmaceutical has no direct access to the patient nor to the underlying symptom, only to a physicians view of progress, the lab results and any assessments collected.

A New Approach

  • Through encouraging doctors and patients who participate on clinical trails and studies, organisations can get more immediate access to a much richer data set that is not limited to just the laboratory, it extends into improving the quality of life of patients and providing greater support to the community.

Healthy Treating

  • Pharmaceuticals use Healthy Treating to monitor the progress of patients on a trial through aggregate views of patient data within a clinical study, click here to find out more about Healthy Treating.
  • Pharmaceuticals can look for trends and patterns in the data and access a much broader and richer anonymous data set empowering them to make on-going judgements about the patients being treated with the new medication and the symptoms being shown.
  • Pharmaceuticals would encourage the use of Healthy Tweeting with Patients and Healthy Treating with doctors to collect medical history and ongoing self and doctor led clinical assessments.
  • Pharmaceuticals can then drill down into countries, regions, sites and even to patients whose anonymity is maintained.
  • Additionally the organisations can monitor and manage the extent of the trial accepting/rejecting requests from individual clinics and patients which are interested in participation.

Healthy Teaching

  • Pharmaceuticals use Healthy Teaching to author materials which can be used to promote their study to clinics and patients etc., click here to find out more about Healthy Teaching.
  • The organisation is able to publish articles and content to the general public (public) or to participants of the study (protected).
  • The organisation can also link to other related resources either on corporate web sites or on charity/partner websites.
  • Pharmaceuticals can also use the learning and assessment platform to ensure that all the physicians are trained and standardised in line with the protocol and the clinical assessment instruments being employed through the trial.

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