For Researchers

Where are we now?

  • Researchers need to analyse lots of data from a reliable source to validate their ideas and perspectives.
  • This data is often hard to get hold of and assign meaning to.
  • The data is often out of date by the time it is in their hands or the data sets are too small and so statistical based assumptions are made.
  • How can patterns and trends be identified quickly and from that judgements and recommendations made?

A New Approach

  • Confidential access to anonymised data and aggregate views of data at very granual levels to provide very large and useful data sets allowing for new trends and patterns to be indentified.

Healthy Treating

  • Healthy Treating provides researchers with aggregate views of tweet data allowing the analysis of trends and patterns.
  • This approach can also be used to monitor outbreaks such as epidemics as well as looking a health conditions on nationally, regional and within specific demographic criteria.

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